ClothDollMaking's First Doll Challenge!
These dolls were made by the members of ClothDollMaking using a pattern designed
by Phyllis Robinson.  Please be patient as this page takes a while to download.
You may need to click "refresh" or "reload" several times.  If a picture does not
download, right click on the picture and choose "show picture."
# 1
# 2
# 3
# 4
# 5
# 6
# 7
# 8
# 9
# 10.
Patti-Ann did not get her doll completed in time to enter her in the challenge, but wanted us to see how her doll is coming along.  She put a night gown on her until she has time to dress her and finish her shoes. 
I love all of the dolls and think they are wonderful!  It is amazing how many different interpretations can come from one pattern.
# 11
# 12
Dolls #1 and 2 were created by Carmela
Doll # 3 was created by Blanca
Doll # 4 was created by Annabelle
Doll # 5 was created by Merle Sayles
Newbie Winner!
Doll # 6 was created by Arlie Mitchell
Doll # 7 was created by Lay Basden
Doll # 8 was created by
Doey Cumming
Advanced Winner!
Doll # 9 was created by Sue Farmer
Doll # 10 was also created by Sue Farmer
Doll # 11 was created by Maryanne Watson
Doll # 12 was created by Trudi Skate